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Twenty-Third Series source — Note that the Twenty-Second series was built from August 1947 through May 1949

Eight 135hp
Deluxe Eight 135hp
Super Eight 150hp
Super Deluxe Eight 150hp
Custom Eight 160hp


2301 Eight and Deluxe Eight 8-cylinder
2302 Super Eight and Super Deluxe Eight 8-cylinder
2306 Custom Eight 8-cylinder
2322 Super Deluxe Eight 8-cylinder lwb sedan / limousine
2332 Super Eight Victoria convertible
2333 Custom Eight Victoria convertible

Body number (x=third digit of Chassis number)

23x0 limousine
23x1 lwb sedan
23x2 touring sedan
23x3 station sedan
23x5 club sedan
23x9 convertible


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