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Category:Acme vehicles

This category is for Acme branded vehicles. Identified are:

  1. Acme bicycles, 1892 to 1901 by Acme Manufacturing Co., Reading, PA (USA)
  2. Acme automobiles, 1903 to 1911 by Acme Motor Car Company, Reading, PA (USA), see Category:Acme (US) automobiles
  3. Acme automobiles, 1911 by Acme Motor Car Company, Worcester, MA (USA); unrelated to PA company
  4. Acme Roadster, 1908 highwheeler by M.B. Motor Buggy Manufacturing Company, Minneapolis, MN
  5. Acme trucks, 1904 to 1906 by Acme Motor Car Company, Reading, PA (USA)
  6. Acme trucks, 1915 to 1931 by Acme Motor Truck Company, Reading, PA (USA)
  7. Acme trucks, 1916 to 1919 by Acme Wagon Company, Emigsville, PA, sideline of a farm equipment manufacturer

For the unrelated English motorcycle brand existing from 1902 to 1922 and for the also unrelated Australian motorcycle brand existing from 1939 to 1949:


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