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  • Michael Wright. "Acoustic Black Widow - Black Widow Guitars". Vintage Guitars (July 1998). "The Acoustic Black Widows were particularly interesting because they really went in the face of trends of the times. Black Widows were likely designed in the U.S., but the majority were built in Japan (though Semie Moseley said he built the final 200). The Black Widow shown here is Japanese, and I have personally held a Black Widow guitar with slightly different features and a feel that is unmistakably Mosrite. What made these so curious was that, while most American importers and manufacturers were rushing headlong toward the copy syndrome, the Acoustic Black Widows were unique, designed with certain technological objectives in mind."
  • The Acoustic Black Widow Fan Pages. "Welcome to the Acoustic Black Widow pages, a site devoted to a really great guitar that's definitely a sleeper in the vintage market. These guitars were offered by the Acoustic Control Corporation, a company better known for their amplifiers, from around 1970 to 1974. Very little info is available on them, but it's been noted that while most of them were made in Japan, the earliest ones were made by Bartell while there were approximately 200 that were made by Mosrite at the end of the Black Widow's production. / I encourage owners of Acoustic Black Widows (all versions) to send pics and info about your guitar. I'll add these to a database of serial #s."

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