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Category:Adobe files with CDATA blocks


Sometimes Adobe Illustrator generates huge blocks of CDATA.
CDATA blocks are completely useless and just bloat the file size.

It would have been better to remove them before uploading the files.

Cdata icon.svg
The Adobe SVG files in this category are is very large because its creator kept the superfluous Adobe PGF or other CDATA elements.

This template adds: Category:Adobe files with CDATA blocks

Removing can be done

  1. With Adobe Illustator: export the SVG with the option "Minify" and disable “preserve illustrator editing capability” (this line has to be proved by someone with Adobe Illustrator)
  2. If you know how to edit a svg with a text editor: see User:Quibik/Cleaning_up_SVG_files_manually#Removing_unnecessary_content
  3. If you know how to use a terminal : there are three common svg-optimizers
  4. For uses that want/need a grafical userinterface Inkscape (free software)<br\>saving as "Optimized SVG", see Help:Inkscape#Inkscape_SVG_vs._Plain_SVG
  5. For everyone who does not install anything and don't know how to use a text editor:

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