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Category:Aircraft registered in Australia

Aircraft registered with the national aviation authority of Australia with current registration prefix VH or former registration prefix G-AU
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Aircraft by country of registration:
English: Australian aircraft are registered (or have been) under the following systems:
  1. Most civil aircraft since 1929 are registered with the national 'VH-' prefix followed by three letters to complete the registration (i.e. VH-ABC).
  2. Civil aircraft prior to 1929 were registered with the British 'G-' prefixed followed by 'AU' and a further two letters to complete the registration (i.e. G-AUXY).
  3. Military aircraft of the army and air force are assigned serial numbers beginning with 'A' and followed by a two digit number assigned to the aircraft model, and then followed by a sequential serial number for each aircraft in service of that model or family (i.e. A12-345).
  4. Naval aircraft are assigned serial numbers in a fashion similar to the army and air force, except that the 'A' is replaced by an 'N' (i.e. N67-89).
  5. Ultralight aircraft (particularly homebuilt aircraft) are registered by Recreational Aviation Australia and given a two digit prefix, followed by a four digit registration number (i.e. 12-3456)


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