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Images taken in Rhineland-Palatinate in this month of April 1987 (not the date of the upload). With CatScan, this allows one to browse any Rhineland-Palatinate-related category by year or month. Images should be placed directly in this category, not in subcategories.

Čeština: Duben 1987 v Porýní-Falcku.
Français : avril 1987 à Rhénanie-Palatinat.
Hornjoserbsce: Apryl 1987 w Porynsko-Pfalcku.
Nederlands: april 1987 in Rheinland-Pfalz.
Polski: Kwiecień 1987 w Nadrenii-Palatynacie.
Українська: Квітень 1987 року в Рейнланд-Пфальці.

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