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English: A B-Train is a type of road train where one or more of the trailers are connected using a 5th wheel coupling (excluding examples where the only 5th wheel coupling present is the one between a tractor and first trailer). The name derives from the classification of that type of coupling as the 'B-Type', in contrast to an A-Type (a coupling which uses a single rigid tow bar) or a C-Type (two rigid two bars side by side). Where B-Type couplings are the only type present in a road train, the more specific names of B-Double (two trailers) and B-Triple (three trailers) are often used instead of the more general B-Train.
Ryder Freightliner Columbia pic3.jpg
English: A turntable or '5th wheel' coupling
English: A 'tractor' or 'truck' with a 5th wheel coupling
A B-Train with two trailers connected by a 5th wheel (commonly called a 'B-Double')


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