English: Bearsden is town in East Dunbatonshire and effectively a suburb of Glasgow, with housing development coinciding with the introduction of a railway line in 1863, from where the town gets its name (Bearsden station was named after a nearby cottage).
Gàidhlig: 'S e baile ann an Alba meadhanach a tha ann am Cille Phàdraig Ùr (Beurla: Bearsden). Tha e faisg air Glaschu agus Muileann Dhàibhidh ann an Dùn Bhreatainn an Ear. 'S e seo na co-chomharran aige: 55° 56′ 27.6″ Tuath agus 4° 19′ 8.4″ Iar.
Nederlands: Bearsden ( Schots-Gaelisch: Cille Phàdraig Ùr) is een dorp in de Schotse council East Dunbartonshire in het historisch graafschap Dunbartonshire. Bearsden ligt ongeveer 10 kilometer van Glasgow.
Русский: Берсде́н ) — город в Шотландии.
Scots: Bearsden is a toun in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland. A suburb on the northwastern fringe ay Glesga, aboot sex myle (9.7 km) frae the ceety centur, wi mony o the hooses bildit efter 1863.
Українська: Бі́рсден — місто в центрі Шотландії, в області Східний Данбартоншир.


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