English: Beauly is a town of the Scottish county of Highland, on the River Beauly, 10 miles west of Inverness by the Far North railway line. Its population was measured as 855 in 1901. The town is now within the Highland council area.
Gàidhlig: 'S e A' Mhanachainn ( Beurla, Beauly bho Ghàidhlig cuideachd Am Beul Atha) baile faisg air Inbhir Nis.
Nederlands: Beauly ( Schots-Gaelisch: A' Mhanachainn) is een stad in de Schotse Hooglanden aan de rivier Beauly. Beauly ligt ongeveer 16 kilometer ten westen van Inverness.
Norsk bokmål: Beauly ( Skotsk gælisk: A' Mhanachainn) er en landsby (village) i regionen Highland i Skottland. Landsbyen ligger ca 15 kilometer vest for Inverness, og er mest kjent for ruinene av klosteret Beauly Priory. Navnet er en forenkling av Beaulieu.
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