Category:Ben McCool (tugboat, 1955)

Twin-screw towboat "Ben McCool" (doc. # 270809)
Length 100 feet, breadth 30 feet, GM diesels, 1800 hp [rebuilt in 1994 as a triple-screw boat]
Built in 1955 by Marine Welding & Repair Works, Greenville, Mississippi
Originally "Ben McCool", owned by Greenville Towing Co., Inc., Greenville, Mississippi
Sold to Cenac Towing Co., Inc., Houma, Louisiana, and renamed "Jean Pierre Cenac" in 1992
Rebuilt as triple-screw by Cenac Shipyard, Houma, Louisiana, in 1994
Sold to Teppco Marine Services LLC, Houma, in 2008
Sold to Enterprise Marine Services LLC, Houma, in 2009
Renamed "Jean Pierre" in 2010
Sold to Tesza Marine, Inc., Winter Park, Florida, and sent to Columbia, South America, in 2012