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The category Berlin Wall after demolition and its subcategories contain pictures of remains and traces of the Berlin Wall taken after its demolition in 1989/1990. As a general rule, one can state that the older the picture, the less likely it is that these remains and traces still survive. Reconstruction and redevelopment projects along the former "death strip" at the Berlin Wall have led to their gradual and ongoing disappearance. As compensation, several markers have been placed throughout Berlin's cityscape to highlight the run of the former wall and to demonstrate the outlook and size of the border fortifictations. These markers include double rows of cobblestones along the course of the front wall and reerected wall segments as well as plaques and information boards. The only three authentic sections of the border wall (now landmarked) can be found in the inner-city district ("Mitte") at Niederkirchnerstraße, Bernauer Straße and Liesenstraße. Shorter and longer segments of the rear wall (formerly on the East Berlin side) remain in place throughout Berlin, by far the longest and most prominent forming the 1,300 meters long „East Side Gallery“ at Mühlenstraße. Guide books are useful aids in helping tourists to distinguish between original and "fake" Berlin Wall remains.


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