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Map showing the World Network of Biosphere Reserves as of 2013. Note: transboundary sites have been redistributed among the concerned countries for the locator map, hence, have been counted multiple times.
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A biosphere reserve is an international conservation designation given by UNESCO under its Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB). The World Network of Biosphere Reserves is the collection of all 621 biosphere protected areas in 117 countries (as of July, 2013).

According to “The Statutory Framework of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves,” biosphere reserves are created “to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between humans and the biosphere.” Under article 4, biosphere reserves must “encompass a mosaic of ecological systems,” and thus consist of combinations of terrestrial, coastal, or marine ecosystems.

Through appropriate zoning and management, the conservation of these ecosystems and their biodiversity is sought to be maintained.

The design of the reserve must include a legally protected core area, a buffer area where non-conservation activities are prohibited, and a transition zone where approved practices are permitted. This is done with regard for the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of local communities. This effort requires relevant research, monitoring, education and training.

All the above are tools for implementing Agenda 21, the Convention on Biological Diversity and other international agreements.
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reserva de la biosfera (es); bioszféra-rezervátum (hu); Адам және биосфера (kk-kz); Biosfera erreserba (eu); Reserva de la bioesfera (ast); Reserva de la Biosfera (ca); UNESCO Biosphärenreservat (de); ادام جانە بىيوسفەرا (kk-cn); Човек и биосфера (sr-ec); 生物圈保护区 (zh); Biosfærereservat (da); biyosfer rezerv alanı (tr); 生物圏保護区 (ja); biosfärreservat (sv); שמורה ביוספרית (he); biosphere reserve (en); संरक्षित जैवमंडल (hi); Khu dự trữ sinh quyển thế giới (vi); 유네스코 생물권보전지역 (ko); Адам және биосфера (kk); biosfera rezervejo (eo); biosférická rezervace (cs); Biosfera qoʻriqxonasi (uz); riserva della biosfera (it); Biosfäärikaitseala (et); réserve de biosphère (fr); reserva da biosfera (pt); Rezervat biosfere (hr); биосферный заповедник ЮНЕСКО (ru); ذخیره‌گاه زیست‌کره (fa); Biosfäärialue (fi); biosfeerreservaat (nl); बायोस्फियर रिझर्व (mr); Adam jäne bïosfera (kk-tr); Čovek i biosfera (sr-el); ادام جانە بىيوسفەرا (kk-arab); biosfēras rezervāts (lv); Biosfeerreservaat (af); Човек и биосфера (sr); Program Človek in biosfera (sl); Rezerwat biosfery (pl); reserva da biosfera (pt-br); เขตสงวนชีวมณฑล (th); Адам және биосфера (kk-cyrl); Biosfærereservat (nn); biosfærereservat (nb); Rezervat biosfere (sh); Adam jäne bïosfera (kk-latn); Біосферний заповідник (uk); Biosférická rezervácia (sk); Биосфералык peзерват (ky); Reserva da biosfera (gl); برنامج الإنسان والمحيط الحيوي (ar); биосферен резерват (bg); биосферен резерват (mk) qualifica internazionale assegnata dall'UNESCO per la conservazione e la protezione dell'ambiente (it); reconnaissance par l'UNESCO de zones modèles conciliant la conservation de la biodiversité et le développement durable (fr); שמורת טבע בקרבת מגורי אדם, העונה על שורה של קריטריונים אקולוגיים ותכנוניים הנוגעים לביוספרה, כולל פיתוח בר קיימא ושמירה על ערכי טבע מגוונים, במטרה לאזן בין צורכי האדם העכשוויים, העתידים וערכי שמירת הטבע (he); общее понятие (ru); von der UNESCO initiierte Modellregion, in der nachhaltige Entwicklung verwirklicht werden soll (de); 유네스코(UNESCO)에서 지정한 생물권보전지역 (ko); UNESCO protected area (en); заштитена областа на УНЕСКО (mk); àrea protegida de la UNESCO (ca) Reserva de Biosfera, Man and the Biosphere, Man and Biosphere, Reserva de la Biósfera (es); réserve de la biosphère (fr); Biosfääri kaitseala (et); Biosferaren Erreserba (eu); Reserva de la biosfera (ast); Reserva de la biosfera (ca); बायोस्फेअर रिझर्व (mr); Khu dự trữ sinh quyển (vi); برنامه انسان و کره مسکون, ذخیره گاه زیست کره, برنامهٔ انسان و کرهٔ مسکون (fa); биосферни резервати (bg); Резерват биосфере (sr); MAB (sl); 人間と生物圏計画, 生物圏保存地域, MAB計画, ユネスコエコパーク (ja); Programa Homem e Biosfera, Reserva da biosfera da UNESCO, Programa MaB, O Homem e a Biosfera (pt); Man and Biosphere Programme, Programme on Man and Biosphere, internationellt biosfäriskt reservat, biosfärområde, biosfäriskt reservat (sv); Światowy Rezerwat Biosfery, Rezerwaty biosfery (pl); שמורת ביוספרה, מרחב ביוספרי (he); Biosphere reservaat, Biosfeer reservaat (nl); Rezervejo de la Biosfero (eo); आरक्षित जैवमंडल, बिओस्फेरे रेसेर्वे, बिओस्फेर रेसेर्वे (hi); 생물권보호지역, 생물권 보존지역, 생물권 보호지역, 생물권 보호구역, 생물권보호구역, 생물권보존구역, 생물권 보존구역, 생물권 보전지역, 생물권보전구역, 생물권 보전구역, 유네스코 생물권 보전지역, 유네스코 생물권보호지역, 유네스코 생물권 보호지역, 유네스코 생물권 보전구역, 유네스코 생물권보전구역, 유네스코 생물권 보호구역, 유네스코 생물권보호구역, 유네스코 생물권 보존지역, 유네스코 생물권보존지역, 유네스코 생물권 보존구역, 유네스코 생물권보존구역, UNESCO 생물권보존지역, UNESCO 생물권 보존지역, UNESCO 생물권보존구역, UNESCO 생물권 보존구역, UNESCO 생물권보호지역, UNESCO 생물권 보호지역, UNESCO 생물권보호구역, UNESCO 생물권 보호구역, UNESCO 생물권보전구역, UNESCO 생물권 보전구역, UNESCO 생물권보전지역, UNESCO 생물권 보전지역 (ko); Programme on Man and the Biosphere (fi); Адам және биосфера географиясы бағдарламасы (kk); محمية إنسان ومحيط حيوي (ar); biyosfer rezervi, biyosfer koruma (tr); биосферный резерват, биосферный заповедник (ru)


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