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IMO info
Information about the vessel may be found at IMO 5280540.
A ship can change her name and flag state through time, but the IMO number remains the same through the hull's entire lifetime. Therefore, it's useful to identify a ship through her IMO number.
English: The MV Bob Barker is a ship owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, named for former television game show host Bob Barker, whose donation of $5 million to the society facilitated purchase of the ship. It first started operating for the group in late 2009 / early 2010 in its campaign against whaling by Japanese fisheries.
Nederlands: De Bob Barker is een schip van de Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Het schip is vernoemd door en naar de schenker: Bob Barker, een voormalig Amerikaanse TV-presentator. Het schip werd voor het eerst ingezet in het walvisjachtseizoen 2009/2010, waarbij zij zal strijden tegen de Japanse walvisvaarders.

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