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Deutsch: Boing Boing war ursprünglich eine Zeitschrift, die erstmals 1988 von Mark Frauenfelder und Carla Sinclair veröffentlicht wurde.
English: Boing Boing (originally bOING bOING) is a publishing entity, first established as a magazine, later becoming an award winning group blog.
Simple English: Boing Boing is the name of a website. It used to be a magazine but is now a blog that is written by many people. Boing Boing looks like an internet newspaper. It is written by Mark Frauenfelder, Cory Doctorow, David Pescovitz, Xeni Jardin and John Battelle. Everyone who writes for Boing Boing used to write for Wired, which is another internet magazine.
中文: 波音波音Boing Boing ,最早稱為bOING bOING)是一份出版品,最早是以 雜誌方式出版,後來轉為成以網站方式出版。最早是由馬克·法蘭腓勒德爾(Mark Frauenfelder)以及卡拉·辛克萊爾(Carla Sinclair)在1988年創辦的刊物(zine),刊物的副標題是「世界上最棒的神經誌」("The World's Greatest Neurozine")。


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