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English: Collections of the British Museum by room number (sometimes referred to as gallery number). These categories apply to the normal location of permanent collections and should not be changed on the basis of temporary maintenance or being on temporary loan. These categories do not apply to special time-limited exhibitions.
Room No. Collection Department
- Great Court, British Museum Themes
1 Enlightenment (King's Library) Themes
2 Collecting the world: The Changing Museum Themes
2a The Waddesdon Bequest Themes
3 Special exhibitions – Reading Room
4 Egyptian sculpture Ancient Egypt
5 Temporary exhibitions
6 Assyrian sculpture and Balawat Gates Middle East
7 Assyria: Nimrud Middle East
8 Assyria: Nimrud Middle East
9 Assyria: Nineveh Middle East
10 Assyria: Lion hunts, Siege of Lachish and Khorsabad Middle East
11 Greece: Cycladic Islands Ancient Greece and Rome
12 Greece: Minoans and Mycenaeans Ancient Greece and Rome
13 Greece 1050-520 BC Ancient Greece and Rome
14 Greek vases Ancient Greece and Rome
15 Athens and Lycia Ancient Greece and Rome
16 Greece: Bassai Sculptures Ancient Greece and Rome
17 Nereid Monument Ancient Greece and Rome
18 Greece: Parthenon Ancient Greece and Rome
18a Greece: Fragments of the Parthenon Ancient Greece and Rome
19 Greece: Athens Ancient Greece and Rome
20 Greeks and Lycians 400-325 BC Ancient Greece and Rome
21 Mausoleum of Halikarnassos Ancient Greece and Rome
22 The world of Alexander Ancient Greece and Rome
23 Greek and Roman sculpture Ancient Greece and Rome
24 Living and Dying Themes
25 Africa Africa
26 North America Americas
27 Mexico Americas
33 China, South Asia and Southeast Asia
(33a Amaravati; 33b Chinese jade)
34 Islamic world
36-37 Hallway
38-39 Clocks and watches Europe
40 Medieval Europe Europe
41 Europe AD 300-1100 Europe
42-43 Islamic world Middle East
45 See: Room 2a The Waddesdon Bequest
46 Europe 1400-1800 Europe
47 Europe 1800-1900 Europe
48 Europe 1900 to the present Europe
49 Roman Britain Europe
50 Britain and Europe 800 BC–AD 43 Europe
51 Ancient Europe 10,000-800 BC Europe
52 Ancient Iran Middle East
53 Ancient South Arabia Middle East
54 Anatolia and Urartu Middle East
55 Mesopotamia 1500 - 539 BC Middle East
56 Mesopotamia 6000 - 1500 BC Middle East
57-59 Ancient Levant Middle East
61 Egyptian life and death: the tomb-chapel of Nebamun Ancient Egypt
62-63 Egyptian death and afterlife: mummies Ancient Egypt
64 Early Egypt Ancient Egypt
65 Sudan, Egypt and Nubia Ancient Egypt
66 Ethiopia and Coptic Egypt Ancient Egypt
67 Korea Asia
68 Money Themes
69 Greek and Roman life Ancient Greece and Rome
70 Roman Empire Ancient Greece and Rome
71 Etruscan world Ancient Greece and Rome
72 Ancient Cyprus Ancient Greece and Rome
73 Greeks in Italy Ancient Greece and Rome
77 Greek and Roman architecture Ancient Greece and Rome
78 Classical inscriptions Ancient Greece and Rome
83 Roman sculpture. The Wolfson Galleries
84 Roman sculpture. The Wolfson Galleries
85 Roman sculpture. The Wolfson Galleries
88 Assyrian Art
90 Prints and drawings
92-94 Japan Asia
95 Chinese Ceramics Asia


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