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  • Fairground Organs. Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, The Fairground Heritage Trust. "The rise of organs coincided with the discovery of moving pictures and showfolk were the first to capitalise on this market. The Bioscope Shows as they were known were a source of pride, and many names now associated with theatres were first coined on the fairgrounds: For example, Alf Ball’s New Lyceum, Pat Collins’s Wonderland, Annie Holland’s Palace of Light and many many more. Charles Marenghi, who to get around Gavioli’s patents developed his own version of the 89-key scale, produced a series of organs which became very popular very quickly. ... In 1947 three remarkable events occurred that were to rekindle interest in organs. Chiappa Ltd, which by now were the sole surviving organ builders, restored three very large 98-key organs. ..."