English: Clophill, recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Clopelle; meaning tree-stump Hill in old English, is a small village located in the Flit river valley, Bedfordshire, England. The village has a reputation for the supernatural, and its Flying Horse pub forms part of the legend of Dick Turpin; who reputedly stopped there en route to York.
Italiano: Clophill è un paese di 1.710 abitanti della contea del Bedfordshire, in Inghilterra.
Nederlands: Clophill is een dorp en civil parish in het Engelse graafschap Bedfordshire. Het dorp ligt in het district Mid Bedfordshire en telt 1710 inwoners.
Volapük: Clophill binon zif in grafän: Bedfordshire, in Linglän.
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