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  • Shigeki Sagayama. Composite Sinusoidal Modeling (CSM) (1979). Contributions - Speech Analysis and Synthesis. Sagayama/Moriya/Kameoka/(Ono) Laboratory, University of Tokyo. "Proposed modeling speech by a sum of sinusoids and equate autocorrelations of the speech signal and the model at lowest  points. The model frequencies were proven equivalent to Line Spectrum Pair frequencies. Applied to Yamaha's best selling sound IC, the CSM Speech Synthesis patent earned best among all NTT patents for several years."
  • Fumitada Itakura ((Please provide a date))“Linear Statistical Modeling of Speech and its Applications -- Over 36 year history of LPC --”, in Proceedings of the 18th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2004), We3.D, Kyoto, Japan, Apr. 2004.[1], volume vol.3, pages III-2077-2082: “6. Composite Sinusoidal Modeling(CSM) In 1975, Itakura proposed the line spectrum representation (LSR) concept and its algorithm to obtain a set of parameters for new speech spectrum representation. Independently from this, Sagayama developed a composite sinusoidal modeling (CSM) concept which is equivalent to LSR but give a quite different formulation, solving algorithm and synthesis scheme. Sagayama clarified the duality of LPC and CSM and provided the unified view covering LPC, PARCOR, LSR, LSP and CSM, CSM is not only an new concept of speech spectrum analysis but also a key idea to understand the linear prediction from a unified point of view. ...
    • “Duality theory of composite sinusoidal modeling and linear prediction”, in Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on ICASSP '86., volume 11, Apr 1986, DOI:10.1109/ICASSP.1986.1168815, pages 1261-1264
  • US patent application 4815135, Tetsu Taguchi, "Speech signal processor", published 1989-03-21 , assigned to Nec Corporation 


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