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Gustave (Gus) Werle’s boyhood hobby of designing and making crests turned into a formal business in the early 1930’s and was well established as Crest Craft Ltd. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by WWII. One of his largest clients during this period was the Canadian Military but others also included schools, clubs and various businesses and sports organizations. During peak production, Crest Craft employed over 35 seamstresses. Many of his creations have some form of distinct ink stamps, paper labels or yellow tape on the reverse indicating they were manufactured by Crest Craft (Ltd). During his tenure with the Company up to 1967, the materials used (wool, chenille, flocking and embroidery), the multi-layered design and meticulous manufacturing standards set him aside as being the creator of some of the highest quality crests and patches made anywhere in North America and perhaps the World.

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