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Deutsch: Crosskill-Walze, Crosskillwalze (inkl. Nockenringwalze)
English: Crosskill roller, Crosskill's clod-crusher (including "Nockenring" roller)
Français : Rouleau crosskill
Nederlands: Crosskill rol
English: Crosskill rollers are serrated ring rollers that feature sideway projecting teeth. Their metal rings (sometimes called discs) are loosely placed on a round axle so as to revolve independently of each other. This type of "self-cleaning" and "clod crushing" rollers was invented and patented by William Crosskill circa 1840/41 in Beverley, Yorkshire, England (W. Crosskill & Sons, Beverley Iron Works, Crosskill and Co; founded in 1825, sold in 1864 and continued as Beverley Iron and Waggon Company Ltd.).
Note: Several variants of Crosskill rollers have been developed by other manufacturers later on, e.g. Nockenring crumbler rollers which appear similar at first glance ("Nockenring" is a German term, basically meaning "ring with teeth/cams/lobes"; English terms differ). These rollers also feature sideway projecting teeth, and are common in Europe, but their rings are usually placed more or less fixed on the axle, and they are not (or only slightly) serrated. Different hybrids between original Crosskill and fixed "Nockenring" rollers also exist. They are often – outside of Europe at least – subsumed under Crosskill rollers, or generally called "crumbler rollers", which is a rather unspecific term. This category could therefore be split up into subtype categories once there are more images.

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