Category:Cultural heritage monuments IDs and Wikidata

It is possible to compare the monument IDs as stored in local monuments templates and the ones stored in Wikidata, by adding a {{WikidataCheck}} snippet to your monument template.

For example, to compare {{Palissy}} with Palissy ID (P481):

{{WikidataCheck|property=P481|value={{{1|}}}|category=Palissy ID|namespaces=0,14}}

Which will populate four categories:

  • without linked Wikidata: the Commons category is not linked to Wikidata, and probably should.
  • not in Wikidata: while the Commons category is linked to Wikidata, the property is not set there. It probably should be added.
  • different from Wikidata: the local Commons template and Wikidata disagree, this needs human review.
  • same as Wikidata: all good!