DavisDrum, Invermay, Saskatchewan, Canada.


  • About DavisDrum. DavisDrum. "DavisDrum started in 2010 as DanDave strings, offering a selection of handcrafted instruments which were handcrafted by their artists. In 2011 DavisDrum turned their focus towards designing cajon drums. Running with an already successful design sound-wise, the guys from DavisDrum launched their first official website ( as well as their first product, the BeatBox Cajon as a custom cajon design builder. In late 2013 to beginning of 2014, the Davis guys moved the Davis cajon to it's own site DavisDrum."
  • New Handcrafted Manufacturer SoulsBeat, Announces Their New Unique Cajon, The BeatBox Davis (press release). WebWire, (March 25, 2014). "SoulsBeat first arrived with the BeatBox cajon in late 2012. ... In late 2013, / beginning of 2014, SoulsBeat announced their newest model cajon, the BeatBox Davis M1."

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