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  • DOLPHIN P. Schr. 161 T. 100 M. 2 long 9s, 10 —I2pd car. C: Wm. J. Stafford, L: Jas. Dooly, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, Lemuel Taylor, Sam. Smith & Jas. A. Buchanan. Com. 7/11/12. Taken by boats of English blockading squadron in Rappahannock with Arab, Lynx, & Racer 4/3/13.
 	Fanny, schr, Baltimore 	James, schr, Baltimore
 	Francis, schr, LM, Baltimore 	Three Brothers, brig, sent in.
 	Hebe, ship, retaken 	6 schrs (coasters), destroyed
 	India, brig, burnt

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