Ænglisc: Dorceceaster is ceaster in Oxanfordscīre, Englalande.
Deutsch: Dorchester-on-Thames ist eine Kleinstadt in der Grafschaft Oxfordshire in England.
English: Dorchester-on-Thames is a village on the River Thame in Oxfordshire, England, about southeast of Oxford. Dorchester is just above the Thame's confluence with the River Thames. Historically the Thames was only so-named downstream of the village; upstream it is named the Isis, and Ordnance Survey maps continue to label the river as "River Thames or Isis" until Dorchester. Practically, however, this distinction is rarely used outside of the City of Oxford.
Français : Dorchester-on-Thames est une ville de l' Oxfordshire, en Angleterre, et elle est située à confluence de Tamise et de River Thame.
Italiano: Dorchester è un villaggio sulle rive del Tamigi nell'Oxfordshire, a circa 4,8 km a nord-ovest di Wallingford e a 13 km a sud-est di Oxford.
Nederlands: Dorchester-on-Thames is een plaats in het bestuurlijke gebied South Oxfordshire, in het Engelse graafschap Oxfordshire.
Norsk bokmål: Dorchester-on-Thames er en landsby ved Themsen i Oxfordshire, England.
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