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See also Wikipedia article: en:Pedal harp#Pedals and en:Sébastien Érard#Patents for the harp.


  • UK patent 2502, Érard, Sébastien, "Construction of harps and pianofortes", granted 16th May 1801  
  • UK patent 2595, Érard, Sébastien, "Construction of the harp", granted 29th March l802  
  • UK patent 3059, Groll, Charles, "", granted 1807  
  • UK patent 3170, Érard, Sébastien, "Pianofortes and harps", granted 24th Sept. 1808  
  • UK patent 3332, Érard, Sébastien, "Pianofortes and harps", granted 2nd May 1810  
  • Barrie Heaton ((Please provide a date))“Erard, Piano and Harp Maker”, in The UK Piano Pages [The Association of Blind Piano Tuners] ([1]
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