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English: A Dry stone huts — a stone-only hut built without the use of a binding mortar.
  • In Europe, the terms are: shieling in Scotland; clochán in Ireland; trullo (plural trulli) in Apulia, Italy; barraca (plural barraques) in Catalonia; chozo in Spain; and girna (plural giren) in Malta and Gozo.
  • The generic term in France is cabane en pierre sèche, with some specific and local names used depending on their usages and the region where they are located.
  • They are called tazota in the El-Jadida hinterland of Morocco.
  • In Croatia the small “houses” are called bunja in Dalmatia and kažun in Istria. On the island of Hvar, they call them trimi and in Dubrovnik area, they are known as kućarice, also called komarda and cemer.(quoted from Category:Bunjas)
Français : Une cabane en pierre sèche est une cabane dont les pierres sont assemblées sans mortier à liant.
  • En France, il existe des désignations variables selon l'utilisation, et des variantes selon le patois loco-régional. Voir Category:Dry stone huts in France pour les details.
  • Elles se nomment shieling en Ecosse, trullo (pl trulli) dans les Pouilles italiennes, barraca (pl. barraques) en Catalogne, chozo en Espagne, girna (pl. giren) à Malte et Gozo, tazota dans l'arrière-pays d'El-Jadida au Maroc.


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