Category:Economy of Albania

Economy of Albania
Agriculture in Albania(6 C, 42 F)
Beehives in Albania(3 F)
Cheese from Albania(2 F)
Livestock in Albania(5 C, 10 F)
Wines of Albania(5 F)
Airlines of Albania(2 C)
Albawings(1 C)
no subcategories
Commerce in Albania(5 C, 14 F)
Markets in Albania(3 C, 12 F)
Retail in Albania(1 C, 3 F)
Construction in Albania(3 C, 32 F)
Roadworks in Albania(31 F)
Shipbuilding in Albania(1 C, 1 F)
Economy of Tirana(3 C, 12 F)
Hotels in Tirana(2 C, 16 F)
Restaurants in Tirana(1 C, 8 F)
Transport in Tirana(6 C, 3 F)
Energy in Albania(2 C, 1 F)
Electricity in Albania(3 C, 3 F)
Fishing in Albania(9 F)
no subcategories
Industry in Albania(1 C)
Media of Albania(3 C, 9 F)
Mining in Albania(23 F)
no subcategories
Money of Albania(2 C, 1 F)
Banknotes of Albania(13 C, 47 F)
Coins of Albania(49 F)
no subcategories
Poverty in Albania(1 C)
Beggars in Albania(1 F)
Products of Albania(3 C)
Crafts of Albania(1 C, 10 F)
Food products of Albania(2 C, 2 F)
Economy of Shkodra(2 C, 16 F)
Hotels in Shkodra(1 C, 9 F)
Tourism in Albania(5 C, 1 P, 26 F)
Beaches of Albania(8 C, 17 F)
Hiking in Albania(2 C, 18 F)
Hotels in Albania(4 C, 39 F)
Waste in Albania(6 F)
no subcategories


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