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Man constructing automobiles from wood and technical waste
Constructor at Cotopaxi

I have met this man in 1985 north of Quito, unfortunately I can not remember the name. Perhaps there is someone who can help me figure out the name.

At this time, he still worked as a janitor and gardener. He told me that he was born around 1900. This means that he was already been 85 years old.

Furthermore, it was reported to me that he grew up in a family of agricultural workers, in which all members are standing still in a situation of serfdom to the landlord. He has never attended school and was illiterate.

Since the 1960's, he was fascinated by cars, but it was impossible for him to buy one, even he never was able to get a drivers licence. He began to collect any technical part and then has built worth a total of three vehicles in the course of several decades. Everything from technical waste, using wood for the chassis. No part is an original component of an automobile. Even the tires and rims are homemade. Eines dieser Fahrzeuge konnte nicht nur fahren, sondern bewegte auch gleichzeitig einen großen hölzernen Rotor. Dieser Mann hatte aber nicht den Anspruch, dass er damit fliegen könnte, er hat einmal einen Helicopter gesehen und das dann für sich umgesetzt. Man sieht dieses Fahrzeug auch auf einem Bild.

The engines are mostly 1.5-horsepower machines that were needed for pumps. For the first time he has made in the 1970s a long trip with one of these vehicles, which led him to Colombia. He made another trip to the south of Cuenca. Another, his last trip, leds him to the Cotopaxi up to an altitude of 4,000 m. Some of his trips has been reported in Europe.

This man was very interested that I publish this story in Europe again, unfortunately, no newspaper has adopted this article. He has provided me with some images freely available, others were taken by me.

One of the cars was roadworthy and we drove around with it.

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