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The high-waisted Empire silhouette is seen in certain high-belted styles of Classical antiquity, and was the mainstream middle- and upper class fashion in Western countries during the period ca. 1795-1820 (in this context, it is known as the "Directoire" and/or "Empire" and/or "Regency" style). It enjoyed a limited revival as part of late 19th-century "Artistic Dress" styles or attempts at "Dress reform", and again in the late 1960s / early 1970s.

This category is used for images falling outside the ca. 1795-1820 period (including some Victorian "genre" or "Rococo revival" paintings set in the Regency), for some informative and useful images within the 1795-1820 period (see categories Category:1790s fashion, Category:1800s fashion, and Category:1810s fashion for other images from the period), and also as a dumping ground for some ca. 1795-1820 images whose decade or century dating isn't known...

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