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IOC Classification: DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisAves • SuperordoNeognathae • OrdoPasseriformes • SubordoPasseri • SuperfamiliaMuscicapoidea • FamiliaMuscicapidae • Genus: Erithacus Cuvier, 1800
Wikispecies has an entry on:
E. rubecula
Note: 2 species that were placed here in IOC classification 3.5 have been moved to genus Larvivora as species Larvivora akahige, Larvivora komadori
E. akahige, E. komadori, E. rubecula


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