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  • Titre: Finding of a Dalai Lama
  • Time: Dated by Harvard art museum as Qing dynasty (1644-1911), dalai-lama was enpowered since 1642, at the end of Ming, (typical with ther deep blue garment with red part) from qing dynasty are on several pictures, picture 5 contains is dated by a specialist as probably about 1808, for the choose of the 9th Dalaï Lama[1] [2]
    Manchurians ambams at the right
    . The same document can be found at the "fr:Institut des hautes études chinoises" (IHEC) at "Collège de France" in Paris and described as a Mongolian album about introning 9th dalai-Lama[3].
  • Roll: ink on paper, 637 x 44.5 cm, read from left to right, following classical mongolian script (both mongolian and manchu decree use this direction), wrote in uighur-mongol script (mongol bichig), all illustrations are at the end of the text, at right of the roll[3]
  • Album (at the end of the roll): 42.3 x 39 x 2.2 cm (9 Mongolian Album Leaves)
  • Aquisition: Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Bequest of the Hofer Collection of the Arts of Asia
  • Author: Unknown
  • URL:
  • a b Un document mongol sur l'intronisation du IXe Dalai lama
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