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English: Unless a horse is born white because of the influence of other genetic factors, a genetically grey horse will always be born coloured, and will only turn greyer and whiter with age. Horses grey out at different paces and in different ways. Certain breeds grey out very quickly, and some grey foals will express strong indicators of greying very early on, even to the point that its "true" pigmentation barely has time to show up before being greyed out. Some grey foals will only get a few white hairs here and there in the body with the first coat shed, and may not turn white-grey until . Most greys develop at a medium speed, going mostly white at 5 or 6 years.
Some indicators
  • white-haired rings around the eyes
  • previously neat facial white markings developing roaned edges
  • intensely pigmented birth coat
  • drastic darkening of red pigment to almost black

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