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A listing of Fungi pictures I uploaded.

Species I've UploadedEdit

If you make a page from my list here, please be kind and update the icon to indicate you've created the page, or as a minimum send me a message so I can. — raeky (talk | edits)
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1 This possibly is Amanita muscaria, according to [1] it's a valid name, but does not have Amanita amerimuscaria listed.
2 It's a page for two species both called Blewit. Lepista nuda is the Current name over Clitocybe nuda per Species Fungorum.
3 A series of these images are micrographs of Cystidium cells.
4 Image is of a spore print for Hypholoma fasciculare
5 Foxfire (bioluminescence) discusses the species Panellus stipticus which has images as well.
6 Leucopholiota#Similar_species discusses another species in the same Genus, Phaeomarasmius erinaceus
7 No genus or species page exists yet, but the Genus page Trichia redirects to a snail genus Trochulus.
8 It is in the Section Cyanescens and is likely either a new species altogether, or a phenotypic variant or sub-species of Ps. cyanescens. See [2]

Images I'm waiting to see of species consensus can be obtained firstEdit

People I'm WatchingEdit

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