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(da) Buntmagers · (de) Kürschner · (he) פרוונות · (no) Buntmakers · (pl) Kuśnierstwo · (ru) Скорняк · (sv) Körsnär · (uk) Кушнір (професія · +/−
Català: Pelleters
Deutsch: Kürschner und Pelzanbieter
English: Furriers and fur traders
Nederlands: Bontwerkers (Pelsmakers / Fourreurs) en bonthandelaren
Deutsch: Kürschner und andere Fellverarbeiter zu Pelzen
English: Media related to Furriers, profession of people who works haired skins into fur clothing.
English: Occupations in the American fur business:

Fur Cleaner Fur Comber Fur Cutter Fur Dresser Fur Drummer Fur Feeder Fur Finisher Fur Glazer Fur Glosser Fur Machine Operator Fur Matcher Fur Nailer Fur Plucker Fur Pointer Fur Polisher Fur Puller Fur Tanner



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