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Heathenism, Heathenry or Heathendom is Germanic Neopaganism, the contemporary revival of Germanic paganism.

Differing approaches or sub-branches of the movement are: Ásatrú, Vanatrú and Rökkatrú (Edda-based Nordic religions) / Forn Siðr and Nordisk Sed (traditional Nordic religions) / Odinism (strictly folkish religion) / Wotanism (David Lane's white identity religion) / Theodism (North American neo-tribalist) / Urglaawe (Pennsylvania Deitch religion) / Alte Sitte or Firne Sitte (Continental German traditional religions).

Name in various Germanic languages:

  • Alemannic: Haidetum
  • Austro-Bavarian: Heidntum
  • Danish: Hedenskab
  • Dutch: Heidendom
  • Frisian: Heidendom
  • Saterland Frisian: Heedendum
  • English: Heathenry, Heathenism, Heathendom
  • German: Heidentum
  • Icelandic: Heiðni
  • Norse: Heiðindómr
  • Norwegian: Heidenskap
  • Low Saxon: Heidendom
  • Swedish: Hedendom


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