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A tile for constructing Go positions.

This tile is one of a set. An example Go board layout, using all of the images:

Go ul.svg Go u.svg Go w.svg Go ur.svg
Go l.svg Go b.svg Go board diagram image.svg Go r.svg
Go dl.svg Go d.svg Go d.svg Go dr.svg

There are also versions with red circles, for pointing out particular spots on the board, and stones with numbers:

Go ulc.svg Go uc.svg Go w2.svg Go urc.svg
Go lc.svg Go b1.svg Go c.svg Go rc.svg
Go dlc.svg Go dc.svg Go dc.svg Go drc.svg


Each one of the SVG Go images can be composed easily by hand of the following few parts:

the square with the background color  ("#DB6" or "#EB6" is almost the same color)
<rect width="500" height="500" fill="#DCB35C"/>
the crossing lines (or part of them)
<path stroke="#000" stroke-width="20" d="M0,250H500M250,0V500"/>
the larger black dot in the center
<circle cx="250" cy="250" r="50"/>
the red circle
<circle stroke="red" stroke-width="40" fill="none" cx="250" cy= "250" r="130"/>
 may be with a small black dot in the center
<circle cx="250" cy="250" r="30"/>
and the stones.  That is all.

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  • David Benbennick made these images Friday, February 25, 2005.
  • Black frame added to white stones for readability (and shadow effect). Michelet-密是力 08:23, 19 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Completed for upward compatibility with existing series Michelet-密是力 08:20, 19 August 2007 (UTC)


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