Category:Graphics abilities

Hello, and welcome to this graphics abilities category.

Commons is a graphical/audio project, and we need to know who is able to do what. This graphics abilities project aims to categorize users' function of their graphical and audio abilities. You can help the project by spreading these templates by:

  • adding these templates to your user page, or suggesting that another user add one to their user page.
  • categorize yourself on your user page with graphic/media abilities [[Category:Bitmap graphics editors]], etc.

This categorization is needed to work more efficiently, find help quicker, and share knowledge (teach/learn) with other Wikicommons users and editors.

Your contribution is also welcome to complete tutorials.

You can use these templates individually, or as part of the {{Babel}} template, which groups them, such as: {{babel|BG-1|PH-2}}. For more examples see Template:User/Abilities.

Graphics abilities
Category interested beginner good advanced expert To start
Category:Bitmap graphics editors {{User BG-0}} {{User BG-1}} {{User BG-2}} {{User BG-3}} {{User BG-4}} BG Basic Tutorial, Software
Category:Animation editors {{User ANI-0}} {{User ANI-1}} {{User ANI-2}} {{User ANI-3}} {{User ANI-4}} ANI Basic Tutorial, Software
Category:Vector graphics editors {{User VG-0}} {{User VG-1}} {{User VG-2}} {{User VG-3}} {{User VG-4}} VG Basic Tutorial, Software
Category:Commons photographers {{User PH-0}} {{User PH-1}} {{User PH-2}} {{User PH-3}} {{User PH-4}} PH Basic Tutorial, Macro PH,
PH terms, a good camera.

Audio file abilities
Category interested beginner good advanced expert To start
Category:Audio file editors [.ogg] not useful now {{User AF-1}} {{User AF-2}} {{User AF-3}} {{User AF-4}} AF Basic Tutorial, Software

You also can help Commons by writing a basic tutorial for one of the 5 kinds of work listed above. The aim is that the beginner should be able to achieve level number 1 (or 2). Each tutorial should contain:

  1. an introduction as an overview (best format, best free software, interest of this kind of work, interest for Wikimedia)
  2. some examples of files
  3. a presentation of the use of free graphics software (ex: Inkscape for SVG, Adobe/GIMP for Bitmap, etc.), and a link to Commons:Software to download it.
  4. a little protocol [pen / brush / paint pot]
  5. and better level protocol.

This is mostly needed for beginners. Helping them to find well-known software will help collaboration and the sharing of files.

PS: You can move/rename the tutorial page if needed.

Transform Commons into a true working graphist community

The Graphic Lab and the Graphic Village Pump aim to transform Commons from an uploaders' community to a true working graphist community, based on the four graphic skills and interests categories.

This project is in the beginning stages: please talk everywhere about it. Feel free to request image improvements as well. Active contributors are also really needed to lead the project too. We need all this to start!

See also the Graphic Village Pump to talk/ask/learn about graphics.

See the French Atelier graphique, the German Bilderwerkstatt, the English Graphic Lab which only improves encyclopedia images. The common Graphic Lab improves images on commons.

Users ordered by graphic abilities. See below.