Category:Grave Hammond-Norden (ex Cohen/Rosenfeld) at Friedhof Ohlsdorf

Grave Hammond-Norden (originally Cohen/Rosenfeld) at Hamburg cemetery Friedhof Ohlsdorf, located map T 10 (Kapellenstraße, next to chapel 1). The marble reliefs were created by German sculptor (and painter) Paul Henle in 1920, the black central obelisk is dated “1884” at its backside.
Details see Barbara Leisner, Heiko K. L. Schulze, Ellen Thormann: Der Hamburger Hauptfriedhof Ohlsdorf. Geschichte und Grabmäler, Verlag Hans Christians, Hamburg 1990, ISBN 3-7672-1060-6, page 135, Kat. 914 as well as