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Grave area for Moeller-Jarke family at Hamburg cemetery Friedhof Ohlsdorf, map U25/V25 (east of Kapelle 2 near Waldstraße and Nebenallee). The ensemble with bronce sculptures was created by German sculptor Ernst Barlach on behalf of his friend, Hamburg ship owner and consul Gustav Moeller, whose son Walter had died during a ship wreck in 1900 near Buenos Aires (allegorical ship scenes at the bottom plate).
Details: Barbara Leisner, Heiko K. L. Schulze, Ellen Thormann: Der Hamburger Hauptfriedhof Ohlsdorf. Geschichte und Grabmäler. Band 2, Verlag Christians, Hamburg 1990, ISBN 3-7672-1060-6, page 54, Kat. 303, as well as and

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