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Marble sculpture from the closed grave site of the Groot family, Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg-Ohlsdorf. It was created by the German artists O.G. Hermann Perl und Karl Tuchardt on occasion of the funeral of Marie Groot, née Schär (1898 - 1946) and was moved from its original place (map O 24) to a nearby memory area called Garten der Frauen ("Women's Garden“) in April 2017.
For further details and historic pictures see Barbara Leisner, Heiko K. L. Schulze, Ellen Thormann: Der Hamburger Hauptfriedhof Ohlsdorf. Geschichte und Grabmäler., Verlag Hans Christians, Hamburg 1990, ISBN 3-7672-1060-6, page 177, Kat. 1279, as well as and fredriks.

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