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Guitarros are plucked string instruments of traditional Southeastern Spain, i.e. the provinces of Murcia and Almeria, South Alicante and northern Granada, and La Mancha.

These instruments are similar to a small guitar, of different sizes and tunings as well as several types of possible string set, probably the most original, as seen on Baroque guitars, five double courses; also found six, five or four single courses and other combinations. Although you can tap, generally guitarros are played with strumming and redoubling, never hitting, as of the playing guitar in many areas of Southeastern.

Currently guitarros are only played on the Cuadrilla de Ánima, which is what they call the traditional popular music groups in the Southeast, of religious holiday.

The guitarros belong to the family of Baroque guitars, keeping all those features from the grip to the pitch and form. Thus, we can consider that they are the same instrument, as is also directly related to the Hispanic instruments that are still used today.

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