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The Gye Nyame is an Adinkra symbol (Akan religion, Ghana, Ivory Coast). This symbol can be seen as reflection of the deep sensed religious character of the Ghanaian people in its entirety and can be translated with Mastery of God.
It means literary:

"If Nyame is not assented,
no storm can fell my Wawa tree.
Only He can see in the dark,
from where we come, where we go."

(Nyame is one hypostasis of the godly triade Nyame-Nyankopong-Odumankoma in the religion of the Akan. Nyame stands in this context for all material things in this world. Nyame, other names: Nyamenle (in the Nzima region), Wulbari (in the Volta areas), Ewim (= something airy), Osoro (= that above) etc., is also the owner of the rotating universe. He is synonymous with the sky, with the sun (his masculine aspect) and the moon (his feminine aspect).)

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