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Hammond Piper Autochord organ (1970)


  • Hammond Accomplishments 1970–1979. History & Reference. Hammond Zone ( . Archived from the original on 2017-11-15. Retrieved on 2013-08-06.
    "1970: Hammond Collaborates with Sakato Shokai of Osaka, Japan to establish Nihon Hammond, Ltd. for the purpose of manufacturing, selling and distributing Hammond products in the Far East and for utilizing technology in Hammond Organs sold domestically. ",
    "- First automatic chording instrument in the industry. The Piper autochord is a single keyboard instrument with automatic rhythm, automatic chording and no bass pedals. Also a first is the unique library of piper music with colour-coded numbers and piper chords, and a promotional program involving Piperettes who demonstrated the Piper’s easy-to-play, instant involvement features. "
  • () [c.1984] BlueBook Hammond and Leslie (scanned image in PDF), Hammond Organ Company, p. H-14 Retrieved on .
    "121024 PIPER II - 1977 / 121124 PIPER II - 1979: 1 [×] 61-Key Manual / Vibrato w/Delay / Sustain / Autochord w/20 One-Finger Chords and Memory / Walking Bass / Auto-Vari 28 Rhythm (7) w/4 Variations / Headphone Jack "
    Note: It seems a reprint of "Introductory Section" of Service Manual circa 1984, or similar.
  • Hammond Piper Autochord (in Dutch).De Hammond Encyclopedia. ( Hammond Toonwielorgelvereniging Netherland [Hammond Oragn Club Holland]. Retrieved on 2013-08-06.
    "​In 1970 zag de Hammond Piper het levenslicht. Er wordt wel eens minzaam op een Piper neergekeken, maar vergeet niet, dat de Piper het eerste instrument ter wereld was met automatische begeleiding!!! Dus terecht een doorbraak. ... / De Piper is in vele landen gemaakt; USA, België, Engeland,J apan, Spanje, maar wellicht óók in Denemarken en Duitsland. / Goed, we gaan de serie bekijken;
    727 Walnut en Ebony 1970-1972 USA en Japan Transistors , één 12"speaker 34 Watt
    100/729 Walnut en Ebony Usa/Japan
    730 de Luxe Walnut en Ebony Cassetteunit in lade extra 6" speakertje
    3112 Witte pootjes Walnut en Ebony USA /Japan I.C. toonopwekking, géén cassette
    3212 Witte Pootjes idem, maar mét cassette.
    3227 Strak model Walnut en Ebony 72-74 USA/Japan, cassette in rechter bakstuk
    3227 Zelfde, maar in Engeland gebouwd
    3227E zelfde, maar 78/79 in België gebouwd
    730 1972 zelfde als 730 de luxe, maar nu uit Engeland ",
    "[In English: In 1970 the Hammond Piper saw the light of day. Sometimes a Piper is looked down on, but do not forget that the Piper was the first instrument in the world with automatic guidance !!! So rightly a breakthrough. ... / The Piper is made in many countries; USA, Belgium, England, Japan, Spain, but perhaps also in Denmark and Germany. / Good, we're going to watch the series;
    727 Walnut and Ebony. 1970-1972. USA and Japan. Transistors, one 12 "speaker 34 Watt
    100/729 Walnut and Ebony. USA / Japan
    730 de Luxe Walnut and Ebony. Cassette unit in drawer. extra 6 "speaker
    3112 White legs. Walnut and Ebony. USA / Japan. I.C. tone generation, no cassette
    3212 White Legs idem, but with cassette.
    3227 Tight model. Walnut and Ebony. 72-74 USA / Japan, cassette in right bake
    3227 Same, but built in England
    3227E same but 78/79 built in Belgium
    730 1972. same as 730 de Luxe, but now from England ]"


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