Spannverbund-Träger im Querschnitt

The reconstruction of the Hermann-Liebmann-Bridge between 2002 and 2004 uses prestressed ɪ-profile girders in a double composite application. The 40 steel girders, eight in parallel for five bridge fields, were tensed at the factory whilst the lower flange was embedded in concrete (prestressed). The overlapping studs (bolts) on the upper flange were embedded into the on-site-cast concrete deck. After the bridge is finished both flanges of the prestressed girders are mantled by concrete, hence the terms double composite or prestressed composite type construction. This bridge type is also refered to by prestressed composite girder (or preflex girder). The similar in type PCSC girders do not fully embed the lower flange, only its studs.[1]

The old construction until 2002 used non-composite steel plate girders with bolted web stiffeners, which is visible by looking at picture C1.27.



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