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English: Body marking sorting glossary:
  • Ben d'Or spots — dark, round spots on body
  • Birdcatcher spots — small, neat, white spots on body
  • Corn marks — in roan horses, small, sporadic and irregular, mostly short and elongated spots and stripes of unroaned (solid) colour.
  • Dappling — subtle, regular, all-over pattern of roundish brighter spots surrounded by a web of darker coat; most obvious on belly
  • Dorsal stripe — neat dark narrow line, typically a uniform finger's width, on the topline of the horse, from the poll to the tail tip, though usually only visible from withers to tail's base. Bay-based colourations will have a black stripe, chestnut-based colourations will have a darker shade of the coat colour (may look nearly black due to pigment concentration). In flaxen-maned horses, the stripe can be visible in the mane and the tail.
  • Countershading stripe — like the dorsal stripe, but is usually one or more of the following: wider; of varying width; edges blurry or roan-like.
  • Ink spots — in tobiano horses, small roundish neat or roaned spots of colour, typically the size of cat footprints, on the white areas of the horse.
  • Raccoon tail — roan-haired stripe(s) of white at the sides, rarely across, the base of the tail.
  • Saddle chafe — irregular, white spots at sites of tack pressure, most often at the withers


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