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  • Built by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack, Germany
  • Yard number: 614
  • Launch date: 25.03.1925
  • Date of completion: 03.1925
  • Length overall: 174 m (572 ft)
  • Beam: 21.02 metres (69.0 ft)
  • GRT: 15,286 GT (originally) 17,053 GT (after conversion)
  • Speed: 16 kn


  • 1925 Named: BERLIN Flag: Germany
  • 17.09.1925 Commissioned
  • 12.11.1928 The Berlin rescued the passengers and crew of the liner Vestris, which sank off the coast of Virginia en route from New York City to Barbados. An estimated 113 people died in the sinking.
  • 05.1939 Laid up in Bremerhaven for refitting.
  • 1939 Chartered by the Nazis in as a Strength Through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF) workers' cruising ship
  • 16.07.1939 Start of conversion to hospital ship
  • 23.08.1939 Entered service with the Kriegsmarine as Lazarettschiff A, Sanitätsamt Ost. The ship had berthing for 400 patients, with a crew of 165. Initially serving in Norwegian waters, she was identified as “Field Post Number 07520”.
  • 01.1945 Taking part in Operation Hannibal, the transport of refugees and soldiers from the Eastern Baltic.
  • 31.01.1945 The Berlin struck a mine off Swinemünde in German Pomerania (today Świnoujście Bay, Poland), and was put in tow for Kiel. She then hit another mine and was beached (23.53 hr, at position 54°02.6 N/14°19 E, in shallow waters). One fatality. All usable equipment was salvaged by 5 Feb 1945, and the ship was abandoned.
  • 1949 Refloated and salvaged by the Soviets. Renamed: ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV after admiral Pavel Nakhimov, a 19th century Russian naval commander who played a promiment role in the Crimean War. After her conversion, her size was increased to 17,053 gross tons. Flag: Russia
  • 1957 Entered passenger service for the Black Sea Steamship Company
  • 1962 Used to transport soldiers to Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 31.08.1986 Admiral Nakhimov sailed from Novorossiysk en route to Sochi with 888 passengers and 346 crew members aboard. At 11:12 p.m., the Admiral Nakhimov was struck by the Pyotr Vasyov eight miles (15 km) from the port at Novorossiysk and two miles (4 km) from shore line, at 44°36′15″N 37°52′35″E / 44.60417, 37.87639[3]. The freighter rammed into the starboard side of the ship at a speed of about 5 knots (9 km/h). The Admiral Nakhimov continued forward with the freighter's bow in its side, ripping a 84 m² (900 square foot) hole in the hull between the engine and boiler rooms. The Admiral Nakhimov sank in only seven minutes. 836 people were pulled from the water, 423 of the 1,234 on board perished. Sixty-four of those killed were crew members and 359 were passengers. The wreck of the Admiral Nakhimov lies on its starboard side in 150 feet (45 m) of water in Tsemes Bay off Novorossiysk.
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