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Category:Images requiring combining

For making a combining request, use the {{MakePanorama}} template. Once done, add the {{GotPanorama}} template to the "other versions" field of each original file, and add {{Panorama}} to the combined image.

Images in this category can be combined with other images to produce a panoramic scene. Check the individual image to see the suggested images for combination.

Please pay attention to the following points to make the combined image as uniform as possible:

  • Positioning: check along the edge of each image to make sure it is aligned correctly. It is advisable to overlap the pictures about 25%.
  • Colors and brightness: Set the camera settings to manual for the aperture, shutter and white balance. To find the correct the values for this, find one of the brightest spots in the scene you want to photograph and make a reading (most of the cameras will show you something like 1/100 and f4).
  • Perspective and distortion: Try to not move laterally, only on your own axis.
  • Number of pictures: Usually 3 or 4, but remember that a panorama can also be stitched from 15 or even more photographs (in this case you will probably have several columns and two rows)

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