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Category:Images using translated tags

Files may appear in this category for four reasons.

  1. A template that was meant only for translation purposes was used directly instead of the master (autotranslated) template and the {{Translated tag}} on the translation wasn't <noinclude>'d. Please fix both the template's usage (i.e. remove the /lang_code part) and the specific translation that was used by <noinclude>ing the {{translated tag}}.
  2. The link table is corrupted. The uploader or last editor used the correct template, however their interface language preference caused the template to autotranslate and the translation they saw added a {{translated tag}} to the page since it wasn't properly <noinclude>'d. In this case, you will not be able to see the category nor the template that added it if you are using a different interface. The only solution is to fix the translation that was causing the problem. You can see which one it is by previewing the page and looking at the list of transclusions.
  3. Someone {{subst:}}'d a template that wasn't meant to be or copied and pasted the template's code directly to the page. Replace the code with the unsubstituted template.
  4. Someone or, more likely, some bot added this category directly. Simply remove the category.

The most likely reason is #2, which is technically unavoidable given our method of transcluding based on a variable, i.e. the user's interface. And #1 shouldn't happen anymore, however that was the original purpose of this category. Before we started auto-translating, {{translated tag}} was not <noinclude>'d solely for this reason. Any transclusions of the translations were obviously misuses and it added this category to anything in the File: namespace. Now, via autotranslating, they are transcluded but the {{translated tag}} obviously shouldn't be.

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