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  • Type:
  • Design by:
  • Order date: Friday June 15th 1923
  • Built by: Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde N.V. Vlissingen
  • Yard No: 178
  • Keel laid: early February 1923
  • Launch date: end of March 1925. The wife of the yard's director named the ship after the 4,000 meter high volcano on the island of Sumatra.
  • Date of completion: 1926 The total cost of the Indrapoera in her delivered state was 6 million Dutch Guilders
  • Length over all: 148.60 m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: 18.36 m
  • Draught: 10.70 m
  • BRT: 9.585
  • DWT: 8,500
  • NET: 6,460
  • Sail area:
  • Main engine: 2x of 6-cylinder Schelde-Sulzer diesel engines with a bore of 760mm and a stroke of 1,340mm. 7.000 rpk The auxiliary units were likewise Schelde-Sulzer diesels with 4 cylinders and bore and stroke of 340mm and 540mm respectively.
  • Speed: 15 kn
  • TEU:
  • Reefer points:


  • 03.1925 Named: INDRAPOERA for Rotterdamse Lloyd (RL) company. Flag: Netherlands
  • 10.02.1926 Start maiden trip to the Dutch East-Indies
  • 10.1931 Extended at the Wilton dock in Rotterdam. At the bow to an overall length of 507 feet and 6 inches and provided with new screws.
  • 12.1931 Engines replaced at KMS by double-acting diesel engines built by KMS under licence from Sulzer, rated at 4,500 s.h.p. Speed now 17 knots.[1] The total cost 1,550,000 Guilders with a further 50,000 Guilders for other structural work.
  • 29.11.1933 Docked in Rotterdam at the "Holland" sheds belonging to the Lloyd company. At 5 p.m., just after completion of the day's activities, a fire broke out on board. It took no less than 29 fire hoses to get the fire under control. Shortly thereafter, she was towed to the Wilton yard in Schiedam for the repair work. This opportunity was also used to carry out the planned modification of the forward section which involved the installation of new frames, the lower parts of which were concave, in order to achieve the required "fining down". From that moment on the forward aspect of the ship's hull displayed an unmistakable "kink". The total cost of this rebuilding and repair work was 410,000 Guilders.
  • 1940 Hired by the British Ministry of War Transport (BMWT) via an arrangement known as "bareboat charter".
  • 07.1940 Sailing on behalf of the British Peninsular and Orient (P&O) line. However, according to the "Charterparty", she continued to sail under the Dutch flag to show the red, white and blue colours.
  • 07.1940 Transport British refugees from Hong Kong, who had become stranded in Manila, and to ferry them to Australia.
  • 18.08.1940 Arrived in Sidney and there underwent the necessary modifications to convert her from a luxury liner into a troop transport.
  • 09.1940 Left Sidney harbour
  • 07.1941 Further modifications in Glasgow to enhancing her troop-carrying capacity. The "luxury" accommodations were broken out and refurbished as simple decks for the troops.
  • 06.1942 Dutch government in exile requisitioned the Indrapoera, the order of requisitioning being valid for the duration of the war plus six months. Control of the ship fell under the auspices of the NS&TC( in London.Some four months of repair, maintenance and refitting in Durban.
  • 1943 During a heavy storm, she lost her rudder and had to make straight for the safe haven of Algiers. On the way and in the teeth of a Force 6, Captain Stobbe was forced to steer using only his screws.
  • 05.1944 Her rudder repaired, could leave Algiers.
  • 09.1944 Extensive maintenance in Liverpool and be fitted with the most advanced equipment of the time: Radar.
  • 10.1945 Finally moored in the Schiehaven in Rotterdam, where she had left on October 26th 1939.
  • 1945 Into 'time-charter' for the Dutch government, to take part in the major transportation exercise now being organized between the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies.
  • 07.1947 Chartered by the Holland-Afrika Line to carry emigrants to South Africa. Likewise, the 108th trip between March and May 1948 was for the same service to Capetown.
  • 1948 Refitted and transformed into a cargo-carrying ship with limited passenger accommodation (94 to 98 persons) for a total cost of some 3.5 million Guilders.
  • 1951 Assisted the Greek ship Nicolaous Georgios that had caught fire. Two badly burned Greek sailors were taken aboard and, although one died shortly after, the other was taken to a hospital in Aden.
  • 06.07.1956 Sold to Providencia Shipping Co. S.A. belonging to the Genoan firm of Rizzuto Fratelli. The agreed purchase price was £ 202,500. Renamed ASUNCION Flag: Panama.
  • 15.11.1956 Sold to Costa's Genoese Linea "C". Modified to operate as packet boat, sailing between Italy and Central/South America. Renamed: BIANCA-C Flag: Italy
  • 11.1957 Chartered by Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes for a voyage from Marseille to Australia. Renamed: MELANESIEN Flag: France
  • 10.1963 Sold for scrap to Ariberto Bianchi in Cesa, Italy.


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