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English: In this category are images taken from, uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Since Ipernity allows its users at any time to change the copyright status of the downloaded images to Commons, they should pass the validation process which will confirm that the copyright status (the license) on these images is acceptable for Commons. Images from Ipernity that have not been validated should be marked with the template {{Ipernityreview}}, which puts them here for further verification.

The images can be checked either by administrators, trusted users or theoretically a bot. However currently we have no bots checking images from Ipernity.

If no review is needed you can add {{ipernityreviewunnecessary}}.

If you can not find the image, mark it as not having a source using {{subst:nsd}}.

The Flinfo tool can be used to get information about Ipernity images. Flinfo will report any image not having a license accepted on the Commons as "copyrighted". For images that do have appropriate licenses, it will display a full {{Information}} template and a link to highest available resolution of the image.


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